Jan 15, 2019

scproject racing

SC-Project is delighted to renew as the sole supplier of exhaust systems for both the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup and the British Talent Cup, providing two of the most important paths on the Road to MotoGP™ with top quality equipment.

The company policy and philosophy of SC-Project fit perfectly with that of the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup, British Talent Cup, Dorna Sports and the Road to MotoGP™ – with attention to detail and technical excellence partnering dedication and an unrelenting love of speed.

Stefano Lavazza and Marco De Rossi, SC-Project founders and owners, say: “For us it is an honor to work with Dorna and the Championships they has created for the promotion of young riders in different countries, to ensure the development of future generations of new talented riders. For us motorbike competition is very important, and we are pleased to make our exhausts systems for the Honda NSF250R for the young talents that maybe tomorrow will arrive in MotoGP™.”

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director – Dorna Sports, adds: “It’s an honour for us to work with companies such as SC-Project and to contribute to the future of motorcycle racing together. The Road to MotoGP is an incredibly important programme for Dorna, and the Idemitsu Asia and British Talent Cups are two of the most important aspects of our investment in the future. We are delighted to have SC-Project on board as a partner.”